Bongs and Pipes in Canada
Source: THC Finder

When it comes to choosing the best and safest alternative for cannabis smoking, Bongs and Pipes is the latest choice. For one to live healthier with cannabis the person should know this, the ideal method for one to use weed is by smoking or inhaling. Many people know this, and that is why it is the most famous method of using cannabis. Cannabis products are often smoked (probably mixed with tobacco) either through the pipe or a form of cigarette (which is usually called “joint”). These tools differ in form, but the most famous have lengthened stem or have as a feature a hookah-type’ water filtration method (that is water pipe) and are always pass on to as a “bong.”

The dissimilarity between Bongs and Pipes (and so many other smoking devices) is that the weed or cannabis smoke is conceded through or another liquid or over water before inhalation. These tools, is either homemade or store-bought – are available in a massive number and it is present in all shape, design, and sizes. These tools were completely available for sale until it got to the year 2007, during the time legislation was launched over austral to makes their sales and appearance illegal.

Use of Bongs in Australia

Australians made researches on the usage of weed, and they suggest that bongs remain the most famous way of using cannabis. According to 2007 national drug household survey (data wasn’t available in the year 2010 or 2013 surveys,) fresh cannabis clients (people that has made use of it of the past twelve months) accounted they were additional likely to burn and inhale the drug as a joint (84.3%), trailed by smoking in bongs and other tools for smoking cannabis like pipes.

Thus, bongs are the most well-known systems of making use of cannabis among the Australian secondary school students, just according to what the 2011 ASSAD survey researched 58% of male and 50% percent of female pupils, who are recognized as people who made use of cannabis in the previous years, reported that this was their frequent way of management. Numerous cannabis clients were likely to report making use of bongs than timely users, who likes to smoke with joints, to purchase those items you can visit an online website like

Why do cannabis users favor bongs and how is it made use of?

Smoking carries on to be the favored system of use for weed smokers, mostly because of the quicker start of act and easy titration of dosage when contrast with what is eaten During the time the water pipe is made use of, cannabis smoke is refrigerated by passing across the liquid, and this decreases the high temperature and harshness of the cannabis on the smoker’s throat and lungs too, thereby diminishing the blazing feeling on the client’s throat. 

Lots of people believe that smoking marijuana is comparatively liberated from hurt, mostly when contrasted to tobacco. Not regarding how it is properly smoked. Thus, there are some separate problems to respiratory physical condition have been recognized as an after effect of weed smoking:

  • Cannabis and tobacco smoke comprises a comparable variety of pro-inflammatory and carcinogenic matters.
  • The destructive effects of the inhalation of cannabis smoke are related to the effects of tobacco smoke
  • Sensitive experience to cannabis smoke consequences in little decreases in lung purpose escorted by respiratory signs like a wheeze and a cough 
  • With lengthen-term experience, cannabis and tobacco smoking have additional chemical effects on the lung purpose and respiratory signs


Bong use remains popular among weed user, mainly younger smokers. This is always because of the trust that the liquid in the tool ‘filters’ away toxic resources restricted in the smoke. Although it has not been well proven, it is evident that the use of bong is among the most dangerous methods to make use of cannabis.